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Resort Inn Fujihashi   

Lodging in Japan @(Sightseeing & Convenient for Mt.Fuji climbing) 

Welcome to R esort Inn Fujihashi.Japanese type hotel. (All Japanese-Style Rooms.j Resort Inn Fujihashi is not too big Japanese Inn. It is near the Lake Kawaguchi and Kawaguchiko station. You can see Mt.Fuji in the imminence from the room. Mt. Fuji Fifth Station is about 40 minutes by bus from Kawaguchiko Station.


  It is the introduction of the most suitable staying establishment if you are looking for the cheap lodging of the hotel,  the lodge, the pension, the ryokan.
This homepage is owner's handmade to provide cheap lodging for the guest.

Owner's Idea

Japanese Site

Summer Mt.Fuji&Lake Kawaguchi

The Fuji Five Lakes area, one of the foremost resort areas of Japan, is located in southeast Yamanashi Prefecture.

About 75 miles from Tokyo.The one is Lake Kawaguchi and this bridge is Lake Kawaguchi Ohashi and Mt Fuji. 

This place is 7 minutes by walking from Resort Inn Fujihashi.

Internet Reserved Special Charge
 for foreigner

Adult 4000 Yen (Without Summer season)

 breakfast per person.

Summer season Adults 4000Yen.

from mid July to the end of September.

Child 4000Yen ( Without Summer season)

baby 1000 Yen ( Without Summer season) 

Without meals.

Also 10% of a tax is needed. The other 
service charge is not required.

View of the Resort Inn Fujihashi

  Checkin:  3 p.m.  
10 a.m.

Parking : For 12 cars.  

Thanks for visiting.

 We prepare for Japanese dinner and breakfast. If you prefer bread instead of boiled rice, please inform us previously. We love at home atmosphere.